Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Move the Box: Arcade

We are happy to announce a new game!

Arcade version of move the box uses familiar setting, where you'd feel right at home if you played Move the Box (and you'd just find it awesome if you never played Move the Box ;-) However, the gameplay is very different: instead of complicated, mind-twisting puzzles you get a relaxing experience of organizing an incoming stream of boxes.

New multi-colored boxes fall from the top every turn. You can move boxes around, swap them, drop them. Three or more boxes of the same color in a line disappear.

The game has only one goal: to achieve as high of a score as possible. Otherwise you can pick any style of playing you like.

Even with a simple set of rules different players pick different approaches, but one thing is universal: hours of relaxing, zen-like fun! Try Move the Box: Arcade now!

Monday, February 20, 2017


A new version of Move the Box was released today. Apart from small fixes it contains:

  • New continent: Africa. 96 exciting puzzles in Accra, Cape Town, Durban and Cairo.
  • Sharing your results with friends and family is now possible.
We hope you will enjoy the new content!